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 Sewing Machine Repair Essentials
The One Resource Every Sewer Needs!
Sewing Machine Repair Essentials

Discover how you can repair sewing machines yourself.
Save hundreds of dollars every year on Sewing Machine Repair. Keep your sewing machines operating like a dream.
Enjoy hassle free sewing day after day and year after year.

This is the one resource every sewing machine user must have.
It is designed for the sewing machine user who wants to maintain their own sewing machine, and only look to the professional sewing machine technician when a major breakdown occurs.

Sewing Machine Repair Courses

Seven comprehensive repair courses
covering sewing machine, sergers,

embroidery machines, and more. 
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Secrets Of Sewing Machine Repair 

Here is the cornerstone of our sewing machine repair training courses. It includes a 240 page text book My Magnificent Sewing Machine and a workbook. It also includes over 800 pages of additional resource and reference materials. Plus, it includes several short instructional videos. This is the most comprehensive single course on sewing machine available today.

Sewing Machine Tune Up Kit 

Audio, video, and reference materials combine to guide the student through every phase of a sewing machine tune up.

Antique Sewing Machine Repair 

Modern sewing machines are often very different from antique ones. They achieve many of the same results, but the techniques for servicing and repairing antiques is very specialized. It is very easy to unwittingly ruin an antique. For this reason, this course with its text book, workbook, and resource materials can save time, money, and frustration.

Mysteries Of Serger Repair 

Many technicians shy away from sergers, because they look different; but no more. This course reveals the secrets and makes serger repair as easy as sewing machine repair. Course includes textbook, workbook, and over 500 pages of resource material.

Elements Of Embroidery Machine Repair

Today embroidery machines are in huge demand selling for tens of thousands of dollars. This course teaches the techniques and principles to insure your success in servicing a wide range of embroidery machines. Course includes textbook, workbook, and hundreds of pages of resource materials.

Secrets Of Sewing 

Every sewing machine technician needs to understand the basics of sewing machine use. This course reveals the essentials of sewing and its wide range of applications.

Sewing Machine Business Development 

Trying to start a business without a plan is a disaster waiting to happen. The materials in this course include over a gigabye of vital instruction and resources to help you set up you business in the shortest time possible and achieve profitability almost from the start. 

Part 1:  Your Own Sewing Machine Repair Business
Part 2:   How To Sell Sewing Machines
Part 3:  My Own Sewing Machine Store


Sewing Machine Repair Center

Learn How To Repair Sewing Machines For Fun And Profit.

Here are the tools you need to keep your own sewing machines operating at peak performance.  Discover the techniques to fix your own sewing machines.   Find the secrets to  threading, balanced tensions, great stitches, and smooth sewing machine operations. 

The average charge for a standard sewing machine tune up run $99.99 and more.  With these resources, you will be able to save hundreds of dollars year after year.  That makes these resources vital for every sewing machine user.


Do sewing machine repair for your friends, neighbors, and the whole community of sewers.  These secrets of sewing machine repair enable you to launch your own professional sewing machine repair business.   Yes, own your own profitable sewing machine repair business. This is the most effective sewing machine repair training available today.

Earn $20,000 to $40,000
Part Time In Your Own
Sewing Machine Repair Business.

Yes,  we teach you exactly what you need to know and stand behind you with superior technical support.  Save a bundle or earn big bucks doing sewing machine repair from your own garage or kitchen table. 

In depth sewing machine repair training empowers you to successfully repair sewing machines, and build your own sewing machine repair business.

You may be wondering, "Is this for real?"; "How much could you earn?";  "What can I really expect?"

"Is this for real?" Absolutely. There are 35,000,000 sewers in the US alone. Every sewing machine should be serviced once a year. Demand for qualified sewing machine repair technicians is huge. 

"How much could you earn?"  Hmm... Depends on you.  If you do 10 sewing machine tune ups per week at $99.99 (national average); that would add up to $999.90 per week.  Not too shabby for part time work.

"What can I really expect?"

Some claim to make as much as $100 per hour, but even half that is amazingly possible.   As a beginner, you should earn at least $20.00 an hour.  With some experience, good reputation, and steady flow of customers; $50 to $75 per hour is not out of reason. 


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