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Fix Sewing Machines Institute
Is The National Center For
Professional Sewing Machine Repair Training.
Over 1,400 Graduates World Wide

Recent Graduates

April 2015 Graduates

November 2014 Fix Sewing Machines Institute Graduates

September 2014 Sewing Machine School Graduates

What Students Say:

"Thanks, It has been a great learning experience for me.  Very good instruction and fantastic materials."

"I loved the classes. I came with no knowledge.  I am leaving feeling confident in my abilities.  I thank you very much.  I am also glad I can call if I run into problems."

"It would have been great to spread this program out over five or six days, because it was alot to absorb.  Great value."

"Very good.  You covered all the basics and more.  I just would like to have more time with you."

"Presenters were very caring and supportive.  Everyone was thoroughly engaged.  Great mix of technology, hands on practice, and lecture."

"I loved the tour of the workshop.  You have amazing functionality and effeciency."

"The hands on training eliminated my fears!"

"Very informative.  Thank you for answering all my questions."

"Tons of hands on plus demonstrations and explanations, made this training above and beyond my expectations."

"Class was just right.  Small enough for personal attention.  The huge amount of information was easy to understand.  David and Jeremiah really worked well together."

"Great!  The amount of information, experience, and hands on training was just right."

"Everything was great.  I just wish we had more time."


April Graduates Of Fix Sewing Machines Institute

Sewing machine repair school graduates february 2014

November Graduates Of Sewing Machine Repair School


Sewing machine repair classsewing machine repair school

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Sewing Machine Repair Serger repair

school for sewing machine repair students learn sewing machine repair

Jeremiah Trumble teaches sewing machine repair school Hands on classes teach students how to repair sewing machines.

Serger repair Serger Repair

students learn how to fix sewing machines. hands on training gives students confidence.

This sewing machine repair school gives students the skills they need . Serger Repair